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The Educational Theatre course at Albright College, taught by Dr. Rodney Warfield, was a challenging and eye-opening course that I learned a lot from.  The pictures on this page documents our dress-rehearsal performance of our original dramatic production, "The Goblin in the Woods."  

Mother instructs children to play before she washes the dishes.  
The jack-in-the-box and the door stand at the ready.
George and Gina have a good time playing and making a mess of their room.
Gina gives jack-in-the-box a shove.  
George begins to get fussy with Mother.
Poor jack-in-the-box lays on his side, the victim of Gina's anger with Mother.
Sister thinks running away may have been a bad idea.
Uh oh!  The Goblin appears and finds footprints in his forest.
The Goblin gives instructions to his transformed Evil Tree Monster.
Gina can't go any further.  George agrees to go home because it is getting scary in the woods.
George and Gina turn around to go home but get lost.  The Goblin spots the children from behind a tree.
Ha ha ha!  The monster captures the children and the Goblin jumps out from behind a tree.
The Goblin contemplates what kind of dish to prepare from the caged children.
Mother searches for her children in the forest.
The caged children plaintively shout for help.
Mother sneaks into the cave and tells her children about her plan to free them from the Goblin.
Mother prepares to blind the Goblin with some of his own Children Noodle soup broth.
The Goblin rethinks his plans after stunning George.
Mother prepares to dispatch the Goblin to a stewy eternity.
Mother tends to her fallen child.
Mother comforts her children.
The Ensemble.
A creative digital photo collage showing the transformative powers of theatre for the final project..
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