HMSR 2001 > Staff Week


Teresa and Amy in hammock

Rob and MaryAnne at Super Cub

Baylor and his handiwork

Roberta dances at flags 1

TJ in sumo suit

Gebely sumos

TJ falls down 1

TJ falls down 2

MaryAnne signs out

Josh and Ben do a skit

Joe and Ross in jello 2

TJ enters ring 2

TJ and Amy in hammock

Anthony hard at work

Chris ties knots

Yob falls asleep

Officer Russo

Tim gives Ben piggyback ride

Russo with gimp

Joe and Ross in jello 1

Joe sumos 1

Joe sumos 2

Teresa with funny hair at COPE

MaryAnne from a distance

TJ enters ring 1

Joe and Teresa at Super Cub

Joe and Ross in jello 3

Roberta dances at flags 2