HMSR 2002 > Pie-a-director


JJ pies Ryan F

Kevin after Bobs pie

Dan pies Tom

Yob pies Kyle

Tom pies Becky

Becky braces for pie

Justin ducks Marys pie

Double pie for Bob

Bob selects 7 tickets

McKeown misses Rose

Kevin after Sallys pie

Kyle pies Yob

Morris pies Dan

Bob pies Seth

Bob pies Sally

Sweet pie for Bob

Steve is pie faced

Roberta revels in pie

Roberta reads ticket

Penn pies Mrs Cooper

Rose with target on face

Irving pies Justin

Sally explains pie for Kevin

Bob makes his speech

Roberta gets ready for next pie

Jake pies Ryan F

More pie for Bob

Mary pies Roberta

Josh gets pie

McKeown pies Rose

Sally gets pie

McKeown pies Eric

Yob gets ready

Dan prepares to pie Tom

Francis pies Butch