HMSR 2002 > Week 1


Lil Yob in hood

Ryan K at Roundup 2

Ben poses at pool

Crabby the tree frog

Mikey and Chris L

Tim looks shocked

Ryan Fayewicz

Greg Stolz at Scout Skills

Hut 1

Tyler at DuPortail

Ryan K at Roundup 1

Hut doors

Sally at campfire

Becky and Ben at pool

Ryan Yob shaved head

Becky and Ben in action

Roberta talks on phone

Tyler in hut

Becky Kramer at MB signups

Francis works with children

Nature staff at MB signup

Kenny watches water

Lil Yob in the hut

Lil Yob watches water

Beware of shroom

Tom Wolfinger eats pizza

Lizzie helps kids with flags 1

Casey at Roundup

Josh Speirs

Tyler in office

Hut 2

Tim in hut

Lizzie helps kids with flags 2

Hut from road

Sunday campfire ceremony fire