HMSR 2002 > Week 3


Lake at dusk

Ryan directs waiters

Ryan Yob and his tire

Sally threatens with whipped creme

Casey wears headdress

Roberta wears a bird hat

Tim styles Beckys hair

Moon through trees

Greg plays trolley 2

Tyler and his tire

Shagbark hickory

Greg plays trolley

Ryan and the log 2

Ryan Yob and Kenny guard

Tim and his tire

Parade field at dusk

Tyler helps with sit ups

Hanging out in the office

Cub Dining Hall from front

Becky at lunch

Tom Wolfinger at S and T

Cub Dining Hall from side

Jamie at BB

Justin Franko relaxes in office

Ryan F and Tyler cheer

Jamie refills BBs

Tyler times 50 yd dash

Tim tries coconut bra

Josh talks about a deer skull