HMSR 2001 > Staff Week


The flames attract a crowd

Roberta and Justin get ready for a skit

Tim washes windows

Justin plans the program

Sally blushes after a song

Jon ties his shoes

Yob gives up on Dum-Dum-Da-Da

Jamie moves some boxes

Save it for Saturday 1

Church in style

Sean cleans screens

Sally and Mikey become little teapots

Save it for Saturday 2

A nice fern

Sally burns the evidence

Roberta expounds on the virtues of toothpaste

Roberta displays a clean garment

Bryan and Casey play the cup game

Wayne posts a sign at the maze

Chuck Justin and Becky sing

Ron weed whacks the maze

Andrea tends the flames

Becky explains a song

Staff Week 009

Ron works his magic

Dan explains a song

Jamie focuses on the cup game

Sally wades through paperwork

Andrea gets ready to film some action

More cup game action

Jon works on decorations

Micaiah makes flags