HMSR 2003 > Week 1


Tim does a buddy check

Ryan calls commands

Sallys Birthday

Bryan Ron and Wayne lead a stunt

Kenny raises a flag

Shaun helps at fishing

Tim helps fold the flag

Blocking the door to Andreas bedroom

Yob gives instructions

Roberta leads a dance

Steve is safe on base

Yob surveys the water

Matt helps at fishing 2

Wayne Casey and Jon do a skit

Ark Rentals

Steve runs the bases

Casey teaches knots

Turkeys 2

Yob helps with flags

Matt helps at fishing

Applauding after a dance

The guys prance around

Ron and Bryan do the chicken dance

Color guard retreats

Pool guys help with flags

Louise leads a craft

Turkeys 1

Ryan watches the water

Ryan raises a flag

Andrea emerges from her nap in the closet

Kenny mans the buddy board

Jon plays kickball