HMSR 2003 > Week 5

Download a video clip of Ron doing the bandana trick at campfire.  Caution!  Really big file! (2.6 mb)


Mike reads some bad jokes

Yob and Tim between classes

Janet gives instructions at crafts

Mike helps with check in

Mike shows off his hawaiian shirt

Karen and Ron do a hula

My desk

Kenny joins the old man club

Jamie leads his group to the range

Tim runs the cash register

Ron folds the banana

Mike chats with the scouts

Kevin works on the backhoe

Jesse teaches about pulleys

Kenny and Ryan sell candy

Casey takes a break at lunch

Casey starts the bandana trick

Under the sea in the dining hall 1

A parody by an employee

Yob pushes the merchandise

Bryan hands out beads

Ron prepares to clean the comfort station

Karen models a grass skirt

Adrienne fixes a tangle

Under the sea in the dining hall 2

Karen shares a bug with the scouts

Pork chop rock

Ron has trouble with the trick


Jamie gives instructions

Ron tries to make the banana disappear