HMSR 2001 > Staff Week


Franko treats Ron

Wayne Kyle W and Mike

Steve wears a flamingo hat

Louise directs the crafts

Roberta collects the books

Casey lays down on the job

Chris Burdess shirt

Ron and Kyle

Ron and his turtle part ways

Ron and Franko in the health lodge

Ron gives a dapper look

Ron Kyle and Bryan

Pool guys with their palm tree

Roberta Wayne Steve and Kyle at lunch

Ryan and Roberta

Clouds 2

Tim helps with rainy day activities

Wayne eats a hot dog

Steve and Roberta

Mike and his mudball

Casey and Adrienne

Wayne sorts rollover forms

Sailor Ryan

2003 sign

Making murals on a rainy day

Roberta and Bryan try on lost and found articles


Micaiah and Wayne

Rafael the turtle

Steve in a hat and Roberta

Ron paints his shark

Kyle and Bryan

Ron sorts rollover forms