HMSR 2004 > Week 2


Mike starts the tug of war

Kenny looks out over the water

Lizze and Queen Mum Louise

Casey makes his confession

Josh Adrienne and Ron have Cub Scout Spirit in their heads

Josh Ron and Nathan play tug of war

Yob arranges chips

Staff at campfire

Leigh works the buddy board

Friar Casey

Yob clings to his register

Wayne holds a bumpy coogle ball

Ben collects noodles

Knights of the Round table do their dance

Ron and Josh work on bookends

Men in Tights do their dance

Justin fills in for Roberta

Mike keeps time with his watch

Ben plays dodgeball

Knights of the Round table bumble their dance

Prince Wayne explains the contest

Men in Tights looking for fights

Wayne prepares to tackle a clog

Leigh Rob and Kenny arrive at flags

Adrienne supervises a game

Lady Conrad surveys the peasants