Hammersley Fork Valley, September 2004

These photos were taken in Leidy Township, Pennsylvania in a small mountain valley through which flows the Hammersley Fork creek.  Most of the photographs were taken in the Beech Bottom hollow along a pristine mountain stream called Beach Bottom Run.  The hollow is part of the Dutlinger Natural Area and the Hammersley Wild Area.  The idyllic waterfalls occur at the bottom of the hollow as the stream flows through a slate rock formation. 

Water in dam with high water mark visible on trees

Rock formation by falls

Falls 2

Waterfall on the Beech Bottom stream

Falls vertical 2

Hammersley fork

Water sliding down a rock crevice

Mist disperses at the peak of the mountain

Treeline above the creek

Rock formation by falls 2

Old growth hemlock vertical

Top half of the falls

View across the valley 2

Falls vertical 1

Beech bottom trailhead

Road to civilization

Rock formation at trailhead

Dad and Jason at the falls

Newt 2

Jason and Steve at the falls 2

Trail book at the top of Beech Bottom hollow

At the top of the Beech Bottom hollow

Valley floor

Mist at the mountaintop

Foot of falls

Bush dam marker


Mushroom that looks like marshmallow candy

Falls 1

Water coursing around a rock bend 1

Streambed 2

Spillway of Bush dam

Old growth hemlock 1

Top tier of the fall

Tree carving

Mountain knob 2

Middle tier of the falls

Ticklers Roost 1