Hammersley Valley (June 2005)

Dan's Pictures



Moss at Elkhorn Hollow

Newt on a log

Downstream from Hammersley pool

Steve Dad Jason at Hammersley pool

Hammersley pool from bank 2

Dan crossing the cable

Steve on the swinging bridge 4

Becky and Dan at the STS trail log

Deepest section of Hammersley pool

Catching tadpoles 2

Lower end of Hammersley pool

County line run

White fungus on a log

Spring peeper

Steve helps Becky catch tadpoles

Glen east of Hammersley pool

Cascade at Hammersley pool

Trail through the ferns

Mist begins to move down the valley

Swinging bridge

Steve at the STS trail log

STS trail log

Becky and Dan at Hammersley pool

Elkhorn Hollow run